I hate to say it. Really! I hate that I have to, but here we are.

The Federal Liberal government is at it again. They have announced their intention to ban flavours in vaping!

They are doing this under the misconception that it will positively affect the "youth vaping epidemic". More on that in a minute.

To say they are misguided in their assumedly "caring" intent would be an understatement. They are misguided, for sure, but more than that, they are knowingly endangering the rights and safety of adult Canadians. They are violating their very mandate!

In their own documentation they state that they know more than one hundred thousand Canadian adult vapers will most likely go back to smoking, and they seem to be okay with that, but what really stinks is that they followed up that statement by saying that any loss in revenue from the vape industry will be recovered in tobacco tax, as adult vapers return to being smokers, with disastrous long term health implications. Health Canada is more concerned with the loss of incoming tax dollars than the health of Canadians.

As for the supposed reason for all of this, the "youth vaping epidemic", the numbers they used to draft this legislation in 2021 are from 2018. They are no longer relevant, and in fact youth vaping is on the decline as well as youth smoking, except in jurisdictions where a flavour ban has been imposed. In those jurisdictions, such as Nova Scotia and California, there have been increases in cigarette smoking as high as 27%. There is ample evidence for Health Canada to use to draft reasonable laws that would actually add to the safety of Canadian youth and adults alike, if they would only acknowledge it. So far they have not. And they are wrong. 

The consequences of this heavy handed and misguided flavour ban legislation are many: 

1.) Over one million Canadians will no longer have access to the e-liquid they used to quit or reduce their smoking. Many will return to smoking for their nicotine, along with the terrible health risks from tobacco use.

2.) Over 1400 small businesses across the country will be in danger of going out of business. Between 7000 and 10000 jobs lost.

3.) There will be no appreciable health benefit. Quite the opposite.

4.) The tobacco companies will get richer. Like they need more money!

What can we do? Health Canada is required to ask for input from Canadians, so we can let them know how we feel in the linked submission form. We have only a short time to do this, we must act now!

In conclusion, we can't let them get away with this! Please take a minute to fill out the form below. Thanks from all of us at IVC!

Blaine Tetz



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