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Allo Ultra Disposable - Mesh Atomizer built in!

BANANA ICE - Iced bananas.
BLUEBERRY ICE - Iced blueberries.
BLUE RASPBERRY - Mix of blueberry and raspberry.
FIJI APPLE ICE - Sweet, crisp fuji apple.
GRAPE ICE - Iced grapes.
GUAVA ICE - Iced guava.
LEMON TRAIL - Freshly squeezed citrus-y lemons.
LYCHEE - Lychee.
MANGO ICE - Blend of mango with a hint of nectar and mint. 
MELON ICE - A combination of the freshest types of melons.
MANGO LEMON - Mango nectar infused with a lemon base.
MIXED BERRIES - Bundles of sweet strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.
ORANGE MANGO GUAVA - Blend of mango, orange and guava.
PEACH - Field-ripened peaches.
PINEAPPLE ICE - Savoury notes of pineapple with a hint of mint.
PINK LEMON - A sweet lemon, zingy, and tangy perfection.
RED CLASSIC - Classic flavour that you'll love.
REDLINE ICE - An icy drink.
SPEARMINT - Real mint extract.
STRAWBERRY - Mouthwatering strawberries.
STRAWBERRY BANANA - Ripe bananas mixed with sweet strawberries.
STRAWBERRY KIWI - Sweet strawberries with a tang of kiwi.
WATERMELON ICE - Juicy watermelon with a touch of mint.
VC - Vanilla.

    Device Specifications:
    • Puffs: 800+
    • Liquid Volume: 3.8 mL
    • Battery: 550 mAh