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The Boundless CFX portable vaporizer is designed and manufactured by Boundless Vape Technology, a company that is based in the city of Ontario in Southern California. The CFX all-in-one vaporizers are high quality and use all of the relevant technology. The Boundless CFX is a triple use portable vaporizer that is designed to perfectly vaporize waxes, oils and concentrates as well as dry herbs. It is portable, discreet and easy to use, a great trifecta to represent the versatile CFX portable vaporizer by Boundless Vapes.


Design of the Boundless CFX Vaporizer

The CFX from Boundless Vape Technology falls into the vaporizer design category of portable vapes that look like other common items. This vape looks just like a cell phone and is super tiny to easily fit in the palm of your hand or even fit in any of your pants pockets. The unit measures at 5’’ x 2.5’’ x 1’’ and feels weightless as not to weigh down pants or purses while being toted around. The outer shell is made from a sturdy, durable plastic and the oven is protected in such a way that the piece doesn’t heat up too much in your hand during a session.

The top portion of the vape’s outer shell features engravings that are meant to keep the vape in your grasp while hitting it, the bottom is outfitted with an easy to use digital temperature gauge. There are a couple of buttons that control the piece, the arrows next to the digital temperature gauge control the temperature settings. There is also a button on the side of the unit that controls the power, just push it and the piece will turn on and illuminate the digital screen. It is designed to be easy to use but highly functional, the ultimate combination in the vaporizer world. The inside contains an isolated airpath to keep the moist vapor away from the electronics. This will help stay from foreseeable problems in the future.

Functionality of the Boundless CFX Vape

To activate the Boundless CFX vape, just push the power button 5 times which will turn on the light and cause the piece to vibrate; this means that the unit is now on and heating to the manufacturer’s set temperature. The basic setting of the ceramic convection chamber is for dry herbs but the piece comes with an oil and concentrate converter that can be easily placed into the dry herb space. CFX convection technology works by drawing air through the bottom of the unit where the heating element is located up through the ceramic heating chamber; the herbs never directly touch the heating element. Fit about 0.1-0.25 grams of ground, dried herbs into the chamber; this makes the Boundless CFX portable vaporizer ideal for sharing a session with friends.

To reveal the chamber simply slide the mouthpiece away from the body of the vaporizer, it’s best to put only finely ground herbs into the chamber. Adjust the temperature using the up and down arrow buttons combined with the digital screen and the unit will heat up in only 10 seconds. Heat the vaporizer anywhere between 100°F-430°F. If using concentrates or oils is desired just place the wax/oil adapter into the chamber and load the wax with the dabber tool. The Boundless CFX portable vape can be charged in 2 different ways to make the vape experience even more versatile and user oriented. Boundless Vapes has built the Boundless CFX to charge with a micro-USB charger which will charge the vape in 2 hours or a DC cable that will charge the vape fully in 30 minutes.

Vapor Quality of the Boundless CFX Vaporizer

Whether you’re vaporizing concentrates or dry herbs; the Boundless CFX is able to vaporize the product at the precisely perfect temperature. The temperature on the CFX can be set down to the degree in a spectrum of 300°, 430° being the hottest. Not only does the digital screen display the temperature that the unit is set to, it also displays the time left in the session. Since this vaporizer is completely convection with pure vapor and no smoke, the taste of the herbs or concentrates is all there without any signs of burnt tasting output. For the best vapor quality vaporize dry herbs at 365°-375°F, after half of the session adding some degrees to the temperature helps get the most out of the herbs. Wax and concentrates vape well with the same temperature throughout the whole session, set the CFX to about 385°- 400°F depending on the consistency of the wax. When vaping oil a lower temperature can be used, stick around 370°-385°F to vape this product. The Boundless CFX vaporizer puts out quality, crystal clear vapor with absolutely no traditional smoke included.


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