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ENVI Boost Disposable

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BANANA BLACKBERRY MELON ICED - Bananas blended perfectly with delicious blackberries, a mint of melon, and an icy finish.
BANANA ICE - Bananas with an icy finish.
BURST - A colourful blend of all the finest fruits.
CAPPUCCINO - Pleasantly smooth and rich iced cappuccino vibes.
GRAPE - Freshly handpicked grapes.
GREEN APPLE - Crisp green apple.
INTENSE MINT - Strong, bold, and refreshing taste of peppermint with a touch of spearmint.
LUSH ICED - Waves of delicious and luscious watermelon with an icy finish.
LYCHEE WATERMELON STRAWBERRY ICED - Juicy lychee, handpicked strawberries, and refreshing watermelon.
MANGO ICED - Tasty mango with an icy finish.
MANGO PEACH WATERMELON - Mango, juicy peach, and mouth-watering watermelon.
ORANGE GRAPE APPLE ICED - Bright orange citrus notes and bold grapes mixed with chilled slices of apple.
ORANGE ICED - Tangy citrus orange on ice.
PEACH BERRY - Juicy fresh peaches mixed with a combination of berries.