Custom made for us, FOR YOU, by a renowned ISO certified lab, to the strictest industry standards! We have picked what we believe to be the most popular flavour profiles and bottled them just for our own customers! And since there is no middle man, we can pass the savings on to you!

Mixed, Bottled and Tested by Divine Labs This means that all IVC E-Liquid is made in an ISO 9001 Certified and GMP Accreddited Lab.

All the taste, but none of the calories! Enjoy!!!

IVC BOLD BERRY – A sweet balanced mixture of blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry. 

IVC FRUIT FANTASY - This explosive, fruity blend is guaranteed to be a favourite! No one can pick out which fruits are mixed in, but they love it.

IVC CANDY BURST - Makes you feel like you’ve got a mouthful of all of the different Rocket candies.

IVC COOKIE WONDER - A chocolate, cream-filled cookie dipped in sweet cream. Just like the midnight snack we’ve all enjoyed.

IVC NANA BLAST – A juicy ripe strawberry balanced with your favorite squishy banana candy. 

BACCO-SCOTCH - A silky butterscotch infused with a tiny amount of smooth mild tobacco.

CRULLER-ISHUS - Tastey cinnamon cruller doughnuts in a vape, perfect compliment to your morning coffee.

PINK-ADE - Refreshing pink lemonade, just right for a warm summer day.