MADMAN LIQUIDS (60ml) (sub-ohm salts)

In E-Liquid and E-liquid - 60ml Collections - Inspired Vapor Company



Crazy OrangeA delicately chosen variety of sweet and juicy Oranges!

Crazy Strawberry - A delightful medley of sweet and tart strawberries. Setting the strawberry juice standard with a powerful strawberry flavour!

Crazy Watermelon - The sweet taste of Watermelon Chews that you wished you could eat all day as a kid, you can now vape all day as an adult.

Crazy Grape - A delicious and mouth-watering e-liquid of real fruit flavor created by blending mountain grapes. Unique and fruity, with powerful notes of real juicy grapes. 

Crazy Raspberry - Another Crazy version of the All-time Fave, Blue Raspberry!