In Closed Pod Systems and DISPOSABLES Collections - IVC


Each Pack contains 2 Pods in 1.6% (18mg)

More economical than JUUL.

Infused Cucumber

A collision of cucumber freshness with an element of tanginess.

Blood Orange

Freshly-peeled flavour with zesty orange and deep red pomegranate notes.

Mango Wonder

Flavourful tropical mango.

Smooth Tobacco

Mellow and Subtle Flavor.

Aromatic Tobacco

Creamy with light aromatic notes.

Golden Tobacco

Well balanced intensity with a smooth taste.

Rich Tobacco

High intensity flavor with a darker smokier taste.

Vanilla Medley

Smooth vanilla with soft notes of cinnamon.

Polar Mint

An expertly crafted refreshing mint sensation.

Berry Blast

A deep yet light blend of dark cherry and red fruit notes.

Garden Strawberry

A fusion of strawberry with green fruit notes.

Limited Edition - Citrus Gin 

Intricate notes of Citrus, Tangerine, Coriander, and finished with a hint of Woody Pine Juniper.

Cool Peppermint

Balanced cooling peppermint taste.

Smooth Mint

Subtle and silky cooling mint.

Passion Fruit

Tropical Passionfruit with almond notes.


Blueberry flavor with undertones of red berries and tartness.


A refreshing watermelon flavor.


Combination of Lychee and Mango Notes.


White peach with a hint of delicate floral notes.

Lemon Berry

A blend of lemon, citrus and pink grapefruit notes, highlighted by hints of berries.



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