FAQs About Vaping


Electronic cigarettes (or E-Cigarettes) are electronic devices that vaporize a liquid solution (usually referred to as E-Liquid or E-Juice) to produce vapour with the appearance, sensation and—if you choose—flavour of traditional smoking without any harmful combustion.

The resulting vapour does not contain any tar, carbon monoxide or other chemicals normally present in ordinary tobacco, hookah, cannabis, and cigar smoke. Because E-Cigarettes do not produce any real smoke or foul odour, they facilitate a more pleasant social experience for surrounding non-smokers and non-vapers.

Smokers who switch to Vaping with Inspired Vapor Company can save thousands of dollars annually. A pack-a-day smoker who switches to Vaping can save up to or greater than  $2,000 per year, depending on the device used.

All of our E-Cigarettes are also recyclable to be environmentally friendly. E-Cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco and should be understood in that context. Vaping is a rapidly growing option, and we invite you to try it out if you are a smoker of any type.



NEW - What about the "Vaping Illness in the U.S.A.?

There has been much negative press in the US about Vaping recently. Fortunately the science and the evidence do not support the negative narrative. At this point, in early 2020, ALL of the major health organizations in the US, Canada, and the UK have come out with statements identifying the link to illness with illegal THC vapes containing Vitamin E Acetate from the black market, in virtually all instances of illness.

To be clear; NONE of the regular nicotine vaping products have been found to have ANY negative health effects on normal vaping adults.


Why switch to e-cigarettes and vaping?

There are as many reasons to Vape as individuals doing it, but the most prevalent seem to be; Save money, feel better, enjoy a variety of flavours, and most important -  quit smoking!

What is an electronic cigarette?

E-Cigarettes/Vaporizers use a battery (similar to cell phones and laptops) to power a replaceable coil which vaporizes an E-Liquid of your own choice of flavour and nicotine strength to inhale. E-Cigarettes are available in a wide variety of sizes, strengths, and capacities, and styles to please any taste!

Can E-Cigarettes help me stop smoking?

E-Cigarettes and Vaping are a harm reduction alternative to smoking. Millions of customers have used Vaping to transfer their nicotine addiction to a less harmful alternative. After switching, most customers slowly reduce their nicotine strength, and some are able to wean themselves off nicotine completely, but all this is a matter of personal biology and willpower.



Are E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers safe to use?

Yes, with the proper care and information. The British Public Health announced in 2015 that E-Cigarettes are about 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Just like another electronic device, they need proper handling, no modification, and maintenance, depending on the type of device. Read all instructions and only use approved batteries and chargers. Beginners should start with basic beginner devices. Advanced users should not modify the battery or other parts of the device. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/phe-publishes-independent-expert-e-cigarettes-evidence-review

Are there side effects to E-Cigarettes and Vaping?

There are no major side effects known to be caused directly from Vaping, except that a very small fraction of customers are allergic or sensitive to propylene glycol (PG), which simply creates some irritation in the throat. All known side effects are typically associated with cigarette withdrawal and are not due to Vaping.

Does nicotine cause cancer?

No, nicotine has never caused cancer. Nicotine used in E-Cigarettes and Vapes is the same pharmaceutical grade as in NRT patches, gums and sprays. It has never been found to be carcinogenic. Nicotine via traditional cigarettes are highly carcinogenic due to combustion. In Vaping, there is no combustion.

Should I use E-Liquid with nicotine?

Preferably, you should use no nicotine. However, if you cannot do without nicotine, it is recommended to start off with enough nicotine to satisfy your craving and then wean yourself down and, ultimately, off. This is not medical advice and simply opinion based on anecdotal information from customers and users. Some people use E-Cigs as a method to quit smoking and then when they are successful, quit Vaping as well. Some continue Vaping with zero nicotine because they like the taste or the activity.


What is the right nicotine strength for me?

Nicotine strength varies from person to person based on their personal smoking habit (type of cigarette, length of puff, time smoke is kept inside lungs, etc.). It also varies based on device (how much vapor is produced will change how much nicotine gets delivered). However, we have some guidelines for consideration based on anecdotal data. Feel free to message us with any questions and we'll try to help. (contact@inspiredvaporcompany.com)

It is important to select the correct nicotine strength that works for you. Each flavour comes in a variety of strengths. The most important thing of course is that you use as little as possible, but enough to beat the craving for cigarettes.

Popcorn Lung and Other myths?

As with any new technology, there are a number of rumours that pop up and are then proven false. Popcorn lung was one such false rumour that never did have any basis in fact regarding Vaping - it was concerning a flavour additive called diacetyl, commonly used to make the buttery taste in microwave popcorn, which was sometimes used in E-Liquid but in such small amounts as to be effectively harmless, but which got blown out of proportion by irresponsible media. There has NEVER been a recorded case of popcorn lung from vaping.

Exploding E-Cigarette batteries is another. It is true that out of the millions sold, there have been some defective batteries as well as some instances of mis-used equipment that have caused problems, but a quick google search will show that Cell Phones probably are much more dangerous than E-Cigs. As with anything,  we need to do our research and educate ourselves to ensure our safety.



I'm a doctor, when should I recommend vape to my patients?

When patients have been unable to quit smoking by other means, and you do not want to recommend a pharmaceutical drug, you can recommend Vaping and E-Cigarettes as a “less harmful” alternative to tobacco. There is a growing body of evidence from various sources such as universities and medical and scientific journals which are easily sourced in a google search. Here are a few links to studies that may be helpful:











Also, as a health professional seeking more information, please feel free to reach out to us at contact@inspiredvaporcompany.com, We can give you access to over 200 Peer reviewed studies from scientific bodies around the world.

What are the laws about electronic cigarette use in public?

For the most part, vaping falls under the same by-laws as tobacco when it comes to use in public spaces. (although this makes little sense)

Vaping is not generally allowed in bars, restaurants, patios, and other regulated public spaces, unless direct consent has been given by the owner of said establishment or property.

Make sure you know and understand the laws and regulations in your area.

Vaping Studies: Over 200 Peer Reviewed Studies on Vaping