Getting Started and Vape Info

Getting started with Vaping!

First things First:

Congratulations on choosing to start stopping the Nasty Habit of Smoking cigarettes!

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You can do it!

Here at Inspired Vapor Company our ultimate goal is to help people make the transition from cigarettes to E-Cigarettes, then from E-Cigarettes to an addiction free life. We understand it can be overwhelming when trying to choose a device for the first time, which is why we offer this helpful little guide to start you on your journey to Get Inspired to Quit! We also welcome all inquiries sent to the contact info below… ask away and we will try to help!

To get started it helps to know some of the terminology, and what actually makes up your vaping device.

First of all, every device will have a battery. Devices such as the Uwell Caliburn G, the SMOK Nord 4, or the Vaporesso Podstick (as well as many other starter kits), will come with internal batteries. This means the batteries are not removable and can be charged through an input somewhere on the device itself, usually a micro USB. Some call the battery and the housing it is contained in the Mod.

Larger devices such as the Voopoo Drag or the SMOK Arcfox will use external batteries, which are removable and may require a separate charging station.

Second, every device will have a tank or atomizer. This is the tempered glass and metal part that holds your e-liquid and also where the coil is generally located.

Coils are what actually turn your e-juice into vapor. They are basically a metal wire or mesh shaped like a coil, wrapped in cotton. As you trigger your device, your coil will heat up, and the e-juice will begin to evaporate off the cotton, forming a vapour or mist which you then inhale and exhale.

Now that you understand a bit of the terminology, that leaves us with the question:

Which Device Should I Choose?

Generally a first time vaper will look at choosing from one of our many starter kits. These devices are less expensive, not too large, very easy to operate, and provide a small to moderate amount of vapor. Smok RPM40, Smok Nord and the Voopoo Drag S Kits tend to be quite popular due to the compact size, lower cost, and the fact that the draw from these devices will be the most similar to smoking. They are non-adjustable and quite simple to use. There are many to choose from and we can help.

Some people start with a “sub-ohm device”, which means they run with less resistance and at higher wattages. They can usually use interchangeable tanks and batteries, where-as with most starter kits or pen style devices generally can not. These are much more versatile and there are many options, from tank size to coil variety, to the number of batteries, to colour and style! They are always evolving and can be quite pleasing to have and hold! These generally give stronger juice flavour and more vapor, but also require a bit higher investment! Some examples are the SMOK Scar 18, the Voopoo Drag, and the Aegis 200.

Experienced Vapers and “Cloud Chasers” will also sometimes use RDA’s, RTA’s and other “buildable” versions of Vaporizers that require more thorough knowledge and maintenance than the beginning Vaper may want to commit to. If you are interested in the more advanced Vaping methods and equipment, come in to our shops or reach out to us and we can help get you started. Please remember to properly educate yourself and always keep safety in mind! 

So, now that you can choose your starting device, you will need to fill it with E-Juice. We have nearly 150 flavors to satisfy most aspects of personal preference for flavour, from tobacco to fruit and bakery flavours, however the one question we get asked the most is:

What Nicotine Strength Should I Use?

The answer to this question depends on how much you were smoking prior to transitioning to Vaping. Also, are you slowly weaning yourself from smoking cigarettes or are you quitting “cold turkey” with the help of your E-Cigarette? Choose a nicotine strength that will beat your craving to have a smoke. The most important thing to remember is that you will be getting rid of the habit that is filling your lungs with tar and  dangerous chemicals, so at this stage a little nicotine is probably not a completely bad thing. Our regular juices come in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg or 12mg of nicotine, however there are some exceptions and we also carry Salt Nic in 12mg to 20mg as well in some of our flavours and brands , so be sure to double check!

Changing Coils?

As we stated above, your coils are what actually turn your e-juice into vapor. To do this the metal coil must heat up the cotton inside the tank that is saturated in juice. Over time (roughly 5-10 days) your cotton will start to lose its ability to hold juice. When this happens, you will notice the cotton (or even your liquid) darkening and a lack of flavor or a burnt taste will be present when vaping. This means it is time to change your coil! Changing coils may seem difficult but it is actually very simple. Follow the instructions in your manual and you will have very little trouble. Or for more information, check out our video in the menu at the top of the home page. We carry coils for all Vaporizers that we sell, at competitive prices.

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You Are Now Ready To Start! Happy Vaping!