We are very exited to bring you Hohm Tech's RUN, WORK and LIFE batteries! Hohm Tech has been in collaboration with Indonesia Chemistry, the LG manufacturing facility to produce these cells. The Hohm LIFE and Hohm WORK batteries started with the tried and true LG H series battery chemistry, and have been carefully modified and relentlessly tested to provide a solution to the ever evolving battery problems the vaping community faces.

Please be sure to order these batteries in the correct quantity needed for your Mod.

Most Vape Mods will perform best with the HOHM LIFE 18650 batteries.

Mech Mods may need the HOHM WORK 18650 batteries.

Mods requiring or capable of the 21700 size would need the HOHM RUN.

Mods requiring a 20700 will use the HOHM SHERLOCK.

Improvements made based on it's LG predecessor:


  • Lowered internal resistance by a multitude of various internal modifications (used UHPAI for cathode tag, shortened cathode tag, among other mods)
  • EPTC (Enhanced Positive Thermal Coefficient) - Reduction in Thermal Runaway potential
  • Updated Poly Seal - Enhances security of seal & proper operation
  • Mn and Mn inert replaced by an additional 2.5% Cobalt (Co) & Nickel (Ni) proprietary levels
  • Cathode Tag made from UH (Ultra-High) Purity Aluminum