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POP HITS - Pop Vapor has now introduced their best selling flavours in hybrid closed pod systems. These are hybrid pop pods of 20mg strength made with a mixture of freebase and nicotine salts e-liquids for that extra throat hit that mimics a 5%. The flavours for Pop Pods Hybrid 2% are as follows. 

(Each unit contains 3 pods)

BLUEBERRY KIWI ICE- Blend of Blueberries and Kiwi with a hint of ice.

BLUE SPIRIT - Blueberry vodka lemon.

BULL BLAST- Power packed energy drink.

CHERRY BERRY- A mix of cherry and berries.

CHILLED BLUE RAZZ- Blueberry Raspberry mixture with a chill.

GARDEN PATCH SMASH- Ripe raspberries, blueberries with an essence of lavender and spirit finish. 

GRAPE RUSH - Ripe grapes.

GRAPE POMEGRANTE ICE - Combo of grape and pomegranate with a hint of ice.

ICED BERRY BLAST - Fresh citrusy berries with a hint of icy burst.

ICED BLACKBERRY - Fresh blackberries with a hint of icy burst.

ICED PODS -  Multiple profiles with a hint of icy burst.


MIXED BERRIES - Berry medley.

MONSTERY - Like one of your favorite beverages.

MYSTERY SWIRL - White air heads.

NECTAR OF GODS - Tropical fruit cocktail.

PASSIONFRUIT STRAWBERRY - A fruity mix with a hint of strawberry sweetness.

PEACHY APPLE - Green apple with hints of peach.

PEACH BERRY - A delicious blend of peach and berry.

PRISM ICE - Icy rainbow treat.

RASPBERRY GRAPE BLACKCURRANT- Trio of sweet raspberries, luscious grapes and blackcurrant berries.

RASPBERRY TANGERINE - Raspberry and tangerine.

SOUR PEACH- Sweet and sour peach.

STRAWBERRY KIWI - Get your dose of citrusy heaven with this flavor.

TANGERINE WATERMELON MANGO - Tangerine, watermelon, mango, OH MY!

TROPICAL BLAST - Mango strawberry with hints of pineapple.

TUTTI FRUTTI - Pineapples and strawberries.